Season 1

These were my first steps in podcasting, which I started back in 2016. When listening to some of the recordings now, I’m feeling a bit ashamed but hey – at least I learned how to talk a bit better. I hope so. The first season was the longest and stop as soon as I couldn’t keep up with working and doing the podcast regularly. It has been a long journey from just recording everything on my own (besides 3 episodes, 2 of which with I did with my best friend Andrew and 1 with my colleague and buddy Jeffrey Yau.

I actually reached certain achievements.

Once a top 1 podcast in Zimbabwe!

Random podcast stats website

…or something like this:

Reached 12529 downloads

Official Blubbry Statistics

The end of season 1 also coincided with me losing access to my previous website and hosting account. So please learn from my mistake: set up two-factor authentication and record your passwords somewhere.

Luckily I had a back-up with all episodes, so I’m going to post those gradually back here. You can find them here.